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The E-Judge Server

Saturday, 05 May 2012 15:30 Published in Useful utilities

The E-Judge server. This client/server capable system will administer the event, including data management, timing and music.

 The E-Judge is a fully integrated cutting event management system.  This system will allow the highly efficient management of an event, with minimum support personnel.

The “SERVER” is the main computer and will generally be a rugged laptop such as a Panasonic Tough Book. The Event Management system is based on a highly reliable database engine. This client/server capable system will administer the event, including data management, timing and music. Data can be uploaded to the server in real time or post-event.

The website about E-Judge.

Main specifications:

  • Simultaneous Support for multiple mobile Referee terminals - up to 24;
  • A strict and secure identification system for judges;
  • Multifunctional and flexible feedback , alerts messages and data collection system for Referee terminals;
  • Security Printer support - prints a single line hard copy of each result as it happens to prevents any data loss in the event of a technology breakdown, or loss of power;
  • Rider Information Sign support - the LED panel with running text line;
  • The music playlist allows each rider to choose their background music;
  • The real time or post-event connection with internet located server allows the rapid exchange of data about certified judges, riders admitted to the competition and competition results what significantly reduce processing time and eliminate human related mistakes.

Used skills:

  • C ++;
  • TCP IP Client/Server;
  • COM communication protocols;
  • File based DB database;
  • MySql database;
  • FTP communication protocols;
  • SMTP / POP3;
  • Photoshop; 


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