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Friday, 04 May 2012 15:30 Published in About Studio


Started in 2013
Name Description Languages Database Network Started Support Demo Web page Note
FarmSharp Multifunctional user web interface

Java Script

MySQL Internet 08.2013 + +  www.farmsharp.com  
Embedded http server / ftp client / wireless communicator C/C++ ABSQL Ethernet/Internet 09.2013 +      
ABSQL library (the database management system) C/C++ Files - 07.2013 +      
CAN Viewer User Interface to listen the data on standard CAN channel. C++  - CAN  05.2013    +   Free downloading 


Started in 2012
Name Description Languages Database Network Started Support Demo Web page Note
Torque   C++ DB   01.2012  +  -  -  
FS Connector   C++


 Ethernet 08.2012  +  +  -  Free downloading 
HydraGen   C++ DB  E-mails 04.2012  +  -  -  
Test Stand The control interface for industrial test stand. C++ AbsoluteDB  E-mails 02.2012  +  -  -  
E-Judge Website dedicated E-Judge cutting event management system. CSS,HTML
MySQL  E-mails / FTP 11.2012  +  -  wwww.robo-time.com  
RoboCow Website & ONLINE store dedicated RoboCow products. PHP,CSS,HTML MySQL  Internet 01.2012  +  -  www.robocow.ca  
E-Judge Server  This client/server capable system will administer the event, including data management, timing and music.  C++ 


 Ethernet / FTP / Internet  06.2012  +  -    


Started in 2011
Name Module Languages Database Network Started Support Demo Web page Note
MoldSampler Database C++ MS SQL   11.2011 -  -  -  
Image Converter   C++     04.2011 +      
BatMedic   C++     05.2009      www.batmedic.info  


Earlier projects
Name Module Languages Last Version Started Ended Support Demo Web page Note
CKAT       02.1999          
Tarification  The system of wage calculation for health care staff, doctors and other workers in medical institutions.  C++  1.0  08.1998  12.2009  +      
Cooper Program was designed to maintain a full universal bookkeeping and accounting of debts and payments for for leased items and fee-based services in the dorms, condominiums and other forms of compact residence .  C++    11.1998          
   SQL Version      10.2005          
Gift Sertificates        12.2010          

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