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Alexandr Belii Software studio - Industrial

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Alexandr Belii Software studio - Industrial

Industrial projects are dedicated to increase the level of automation, monitoring, management and analysis of the various processes in the machinery manufacture, agriculture and energy. I can deal with your simple to very complex projects. I'm committed to the principles of Teamwork, Trust, Quality and getting the job done on schedule and on budget.

A useful software for displaying, analyzing and emulating of CAN Messages in the CAN bus network.
Embedded interface for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Machine - HDD15.
Wireless remote control and data collecting system for automatic industrial and farm equipment.
The equipment and software set for the collection and analysis of the germicidal air pollution data.
PC Interface for configuring, adjusting and testing for wide range of industrial CAN based Joysticks.
The PCl interface for industrial test stand. Allow manual and programmable tests for mechanical devices.
The program is designed to operate the PWR battery desulphator. The program allows the user to control a number of…
Program for control and diagnostics of the automotive reactor for hydrogen (H) generation.

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