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Mold Sampler

Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00 Published in Industrial

The equipment and software set for the collection and analysis of the germicidal air pollution data.

Welcome to Mold Sampler Registration System


Our program and access to the database is protected from unauthorized access. The administration system can be flexible and customize each user's access and rights during the work session.



The main window allows you to enable or disable connection with the programmable device and control the connection status during a communication session. Also you have access to ROLODEX (Explorer on all previously held and current experiments and tests) SAMPLERS (The list of all your programmable devices with detailed characteristics) and SETUP (A wide range of system settings)



In the process of work you have the opportunity to fully control the list of clients.



Complete customer information is stored in the database and is used to fill the printed forms of records.



You can change the format of the handbook, and change the number and names of fields.



For each customer, you can register multiple objects with different characteristics.



Each of such objects can be subjected to research many times. Each case of research can have a separate record. Each record contains detailed information about the current research. This page contains main information about current record.



Using a Web camera you can get the required number of photos related to your research and save them in a database.



Each image can be accompanied by comments. It is easy to obtain photos and create comments.



The ability to scale images will help you consider the small details.



If you used multiple devices in one experiment, you can collect the information in a Pivot Table.




This information may be included in the report of the experiment in the form of a table or graph.



You have the opportunity to print this information using the built-in form …



 or to export data to EXCEL



The graph of the research results can be viewed on the screen. The ability to control the appearance and composition of the schedule will allow you to generate the most convenient form of report.



The graphic part can be printed using a built-in form or can be exported in custom prepared an EXCEL template.



The software provides a wide range of interface options, the ability to backup the database, restricting the rights of access and of course the management communication channel between the software and programmable devices.



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