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Alexandr Belii Software studio - Responsive Portfolio

I’ve been working on. They cover various aspects of my development.

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My projects categories

This catalog represents my most interesting projects. I didn't describe all of them because some of my software are modifications of previous versions, others can not be published because of the contracts conditions.
For best viewing, all of the projects are divided into thematic categories. 

You can also view a complete list of submitted projects...

Children categories


Industrial (8)

Industrial projects are dedicated to increase the level of automation, monitoring, management and analysis of the various processes in the machinery manufacture, agriculture and energy. I can deal with your simple to very complex projects. I'm committed to the principles of Teamwork, Trust, Quality and getting the job done on schedule and on budget.

Web Projects

Web Projects (4)

This section contains a projects that utilize the Internet Technologies. This is a devices management through Internet connections and informational support for the on-line sales systems. Also some variety of the web interfaces for remote control and analysis. In my projects, I try to combine existing technologies and create new optimal solutions for a better final result. 

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